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Wedding planner at The Ritz Paris : planning a wedding in an Ultra -Luxurious Venue

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Choosing the Ritz Paris as a wedding venue is a great option and a guarantee for those looking to create a memorable and luxurious experience for themselves and their guests. Here are some reasons why the Ritz Paris is a great choice for a wedding venue:

With its unparalleled elegance, The Ritz Paris is renowned for its sophistication, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic and luxurious wedding. The hotel's stunning architecture, elegant décor, and world-class amenities create a truly unforgettable atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Paris, close to the Tuileries Park, this luxury hotel wedding venue is overlooking the Place Vendôme. The hotel's prime location offers stunning views of the city and is within walking distance of many of the city's top attractions.
The Ritz Paris is also known for its exceptional service and attention to detail. Our team, that has a good knowledge of Paris and The Ritz Paris will work with you with dedication every step of the way to ensure that your wedding day is perfect in every way.

Wedding planning with PIEvents and Co

The Ritz Paris is a luxurious and iconic hotel in Paris, known for its elegance and sophistication. If you are looking for a wedding planner for your wedding at the Ritz Paris, PIEvents and Co, can be there to achieve your wedding planning goal.
The Ritz Paris offers its own wedding services to help you create the wedding of your dreams. They can assist you with almost every aspect of your wedding, from venue selection to floral arrangements, menu planning, and entertainment. However, they are considered as venue coordinators. It means they will only be able to manage the different vendors that you will choose for your celebration. Indeed, The Ritz Paris cannot provide the services offered by a wedding planner, namely helping you stay within your budget, manage the rentals of equipment and payments of vendors, take caring of the wedding timeline or your rehearsal etc.
If you are planning a destination wedding at the Ritz Paris and are based outside of France, you may want to consider working with a destination wedding planner who specializes in international weddings. Our planners can help you navigate the legal requirements and logistics of planning a wedding in France, and can assist with travel arrangements for you and your guests. As destination wedding planner and designers specialized in weddings in Paris and France, we have extensive experience working with the hotel and can help you create a personalized wedding that reflects your unique style and preferences.
Whichever option you choose, it's important to find a wedding planner who understands your vision and can help you bring it to life. Be sure to do your research, read reviews, and schedule consultations with potential planners to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

       Bride and Groom will certainly enjoy the range of luxurious accommodations that The Ritz Paris has to offer, including rooms, suites, and signature suites. Rooms and suites are beautifully appointed and feature modern amenities. All accommodations are elegantly decorated and feature modern amenities to ensure that you have a comfortable and relaxing stay.
What we love the most is the different rooms and suites that the hotel has. The ritz Paris offers several luxurious bridal suites for brides who want to stay at the hotel before or after their wedding
• Coco Chanel Suite: This suite is named after the famous fashion designer who lived at the Ritz Paris for over 30 years. The suite features elegant furnishings, a spacious living room, a dining room, and a bedroom with a king-size bed. The suite also has a large terrace with views of the Place Vendôme.

• Windsor Suite: The Windsor Suite is a spacious and elegant suite with views of the garden and the Place Vendôme. The suite features a living room, a dining room, a bedroom with a king-size bed, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. The suite is decorated with antique furniture and artwork.

• Maria Callas Suite: The Maria Callas Suite is named after the famous opera singer who stayed at the Ritz Paris. The suite features a living room, a dining room, a bedroom with a king-size bed, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. The suite is decorated in a classical style with silk curtains and antique furniture.

• Imperial Suite: The Imperial Suite is the largest and most luxurious suite at the Ritz Paris. The suite features a grand living room, a dining room, a library, a bedroom with a king-size bed, and a marble bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower. The suite also has a large terrace with views of the garden and the Place Vendôme.

Our Last client’s experience At the Ritz Paris

The Ritz Paris offers elopement packages for couples looking to have an intimate and romantic wedding ceremony. However, specific details and pricing may vary depending on the couple's requirements and the hotel's availability.
Generally, an elopement package at the Ritz Paris may include a private ceremony venue, a celebrant, floral arrangements, a wedding cake, a bottle of champagne, and a romantic dinner for two. The package may also include a one-night stay in a luxurious room or suite, depending on the couple's preference.
Since the Ritz Paris provides tailored elopement packages to meet individual needs, the cost of an elopement at the hotel may vary. It's best to contact the hotel's wedding coordinator directly to get specific information about the elopement package and its pricing.

 As destination wedding planners and designers, we have the pleasure to plan and design memorable weddings at The Ritz Paris. For our last wedding in Place Vendome, the couples chose two suites: the groom stayed at a Deluxe Suite with a living room and the bride relaxed in The F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite that is decorated in an Art Deco style reflecting the glamour and sophistication of the 1920s. The suite features custom-made furnishings, original artwork, and vintage books that evoke the spirit of the Jazz Age. the F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite at the Ritz Paris is a luxurious and elegant tribute to one of America's most celebrated authors. It offers a unique blend of history, style, and modern comfort that is sure to delight guests who appreciate the finer things in life.

The suite is equipped with modern amenities such as a flat-screen TV, a sound system, and Wi-Fi. Our couple also has access to the hotel's luxurious spa and wellness center, including a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a hammam. And believe us, they Really enjoyed this special treatment. Choosing the F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite at the Ritz Paris is choosing a luxurious and elegant tribute to one of America's most celebrated authors. It offers a unique blend of history, style, and modern comfort that is sure to delight guests who appreciate the finer things in life.
The cost of a wedding at the Ritz Paris can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the size of the wedding, the type of package selected as well as the type of room of suites, a bride or groom will choose from. However, as one of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in Paris, the Ritz Paris is known for offering high-end services and amenities, which can come at a premium price.

Typically, wedding packages at the Ritz Paris start at around €30,000 for a small, intimate wedding with a few guests, and can go up to €300,000 or more for a larger, more elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests. These packages may include a range of services, such as catering, floral arrangements, photography, entertainment, and more.

All of the bridal suites at the Ritz Paris are beautifully appointed and offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort. They are perfect for brides who want to prepare for their wedding in style or relax and unwind after their big day. After your celebration, why don’t you enjoy the calm and the lush of The Ritz Paris spa and wellness center. Located within the renowned Ritz Paris hotel, The center also features a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a hammam. The spa provides to its guests a variety of treatments and services designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation, including massages, facials, body scrubs, and hydrotherapy. The spa features a beautiful indoor pool, a sauna, a steam room, and a fitness center, as well as private treatment rooms where guests can enjoy personalized spa treatments. The spa uses high-quality products from top beauty brands such as Chanel, and the staff is highly trained and experienced in providing a top-notch spa experience. Usually, the place is not crowded, so you will relax with not trouble.
With The Grand Jardin. the swimming pool is the stunning treasure of this Luxury Hotel. Located within the Spa, the pool is surrounded by elegant marble columns and features a beautiful mosaic tile design on the bottom. It is 16 meters long and 2.25 meters deep, making it a great option for swimming laps or simply relaxing in the water. The pool area also includes comfortable lounge chairs and a relaxation area where guests can unwind and enjoy a peaceful moment.
The Ritz Paris is known for its luxurious amenities and attention to detail, and the swimming pool is no exception, especially when you know that you can hear music while under water. Whether you are looking to swim some laps or simply soak in the beautiful surroundings, the Ritz Paris swimming pool offers a truly indulgent and memorable experience.

 Planning a wedding at the Ritz Paris can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it is important to be prepared for the associated costs and to work with the hotel's wedding team to create a customized package that fits your budget and preferences.
The Ritz Paris is a perfect wedding venue for those seeking a luxurious, elegant, and unforgettable experience. With its stunning location, exceptional service, and world-class amenities, the Ritz Paris is sure to create a wedding day that you and your guests will cherish for a lifetime.
a wedding at the Ritz Paris is a truly magical experience that combines luxury, romance, and unforgettable memories. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a wedding that reflects your unique style and creates lasting memories for you and your guests. It is worth noting that the Ritz Paris is a highly sought-after wedding venue, and as such, it is advisable to book well in advance to secure your preferred date and package. Additionally, the hotel may require a deposit or advance payment to confirm your booking.

PIEvents and Co personalized service to ensure that every detail of your wedding day is perfect. From the flowers to the music, the Ritz Paris will work with you to create a wedding ceremony that is tailored to your individual tastes and preferences. Our team of team of experienced wedding planners and designers an assist you with every aspect of your wedding, from venue selection to floral arrangements, menu planning, and entertainment. You can contact us directly through our website to learn more about our services.

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 Ritz Paris amenities for your wedding

The Ritz Paris offers several stunning venues for weddings, including the Salon Vendôme, that can accommodate up to 200 guests, and the Salon Spyche, an intimate room that can welcome up to 60 guests. This intimate setting is ideal for couples who are looking for a more private and personal wedding ceremony. The hotel also has several smaller venues for more intimate weddings, such as the Salon Louis XV and the The Grand Jardin.
The Ritz Paris provides stunning backdrops for wedding photography and videography, and PIEVents and Co can recommend professional photographers and videographers who have experience capturing weddings at the hotel. The Grand Jardin is one of a spectacular backdrops.
The Garden at the Ritz Paris is a beautiful outdoor space located within the iconic Ritz Paris hotel. The garden was originally designed by landscape architect Georges Wague in 1906 and has since been renovated several times to maintain its elegance and beauty. The Garden at the Ritz Paris is a lush oasis in the heart of the city, with a variety of plants, flowers, and trees that create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The garden features a central fountain, as well as several seating areas where guests can enjoy a drink or meal while taking in the serene surroundings.

In terms of gastronomy, The Ritz Paris offers a World-class dining experience is home to several world-class restaurants and bars, including the Michelin-starred L'Espadon, which promises classic French cuisine. The hotel's catering team can create a bespoke menu for your wedding reception, using only the finest ingredients. The Hotel is known for its exquisite cuisine, and the hotel's catering team can create a custom menu for your wedding that reflects your personal tastes and preferences. And the Bar Hemingway, which is known for its cocktails and literary history. The hotel also has a garden restaurant, a tea room, and a pastry shop. From classic French dishes to international cuisine, the options are endless.

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Weddings at the Grand controle- Chateau de Versailles 

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