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At PIEvents And Co, we take pride in our commitment to pushing creativity boundaries in wedding design. True innovation, we believe, stems from thinking outside the box and blending diverse themes to create uniqueness. Our aim is to surprise and delight clients with never-before-seen tablescapes, ensuring unforgettable wedding experiences.

Understanding couples' varied tastes, we enjoy merging different themes, selecting elements to create a cohesive design reflecting their personalities. This approach allows us to craft one-of-a-kind tablescapes, telling the couple's unique story.

Unlike many photographers focusing solely on bridal portraits, our approach diverges. While bridal portraits are significant, our fulfillment lies in the design realm, especially tabletop décor. Amidst linens, floral arrangements, and accents, we weave narratives and evoke emotions beyond visual appeal.

a celebration that showcases the unique essence of your love story. 

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Furthermore, we carefully curate a diverse selection of elements, from vintage pieces to contemporary accents, to bring a sense of novelty and intrigue to the table.

Creating Something Unique:
Our ultimate goal is to create something truly unique and unforgettable for our clients. We understand that wedding memories are cherished for a lifetime, and we want to contribute to that by crafting a design that is truly one-of-a-kind. We believe that each couple deserves a wedding that reflects their individuality and stands out from the rest. Our team of skilled designers and stylists works tirelessly to push the boundaries of creativity, ensuring that every detail of the tablescape is meticulously curated and tailored to the couple's vision.

We believe that textures, colors, and elements play a vital role in creating a visually stunning and dynamic tablescape. We go beyond the conventional color palettes and explore a wide range of hues, incorporating bold and unexpected combinations. By using different textures, such as lush fabrics, natural materials, and intricate details, we add depth and tactile interest to our designs. 

Crafting Unique Tablescapes with Bold Textures, Colors, and Elements

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We understand the frustration of seeing the same design concepts repeated by multiple designers. At PIEvents and Co, we are committed to differentiating ourselves by constantly pushing our creative limits. We take pride in showcasing our portfolio of diverse and distinctive designs, ensuring that each wedding we create is a fresh and innovative masterpiece. Our passion for creativity and our dedication to providing a truly unique style sets us apart from the crowd.

Deliver Distinctive Wedding Designs

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Elevating the Guest Experience

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Personalized Elegance

Creating a luxury tablescape goes beyond the basics of tableware and stationery. It requires a keen eye for detail, an innovative approach, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity. Unfortunately, some wedding planners or designers underestimate the significance of these details, resulting in lackluster tablescapes that fail to captivate and impress. At PIEvents and Co, we highlight the importance of creativity in crafting luxury tablescapes and how it elevates the overall wedding experience.


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Creativity allows couples to showcase their personal style and individuality in their wedding table design. It provides an opportunity to step away from the ordinary and create something extraordinary that resonates with their unique vision. By incorporating innovative elements, unconventional textures, and unexpected color combinations, wedding planners and designers can create a tablescape that is a true reflection of the couple's personality and sets their celebration apart from the rest.

Personalized Elegance

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A creatively designed luxury tablescape enhances the overall guest experience, leaving a lasting impact on their memories. Guests appreciate the effort and attention to detail that goes into crafting a unique and captivating ambiance. It creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, making the event feel extraordinary and unforgettable.

Elevating the Guest Experience: 

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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 We are a full-service event company specializing in thoughtful planning for meaningful events. From venue researching and contracting, awe-inspiring concepts and designs, guest list management, event coordination, and more, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering the exceptional level of service, style, and ingenuity for various events ranging from weddings, corporate events, special occasions, product launches, and more.

For couples, individual and corporate world

Elegance & Class Redefined.

Add A Wow Factor To Your Next Event.

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Our brides and grooms have ground-breaking ideas to share their personal story. They understand the importance of elegance and natural beauty. Their Epicurean lifestyle defines a magical sophistication and their goal is to meet a pro vendor who can offer unbiased advice, take care of all the minute details, capture decor to the core, and turn their ideas into a reality. They understand the value of a trustworthy wedding planner and how they can help them save time, hassles, and efforts. Our brides and groom love modern wedding ideas or vintage style for a chic affair. Every wedding is different. we are here to customize something fit your needs!

Is PIEvents and Co right for me ?

• I've seen the PIEvents and Co Events portfolio and want that level of detailed planning for my wedding.
• I'm not interested in managing my wedding, that will ask too many skills that I do not have.
• I am a busy, hardworking professional and I want a beautiful wedding, but I don't have the time to
shop, plan or manage a project. 
• I love wedding designs well executed but I am not a DIY person, I just want it done and I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the event professionals.
• I would like to plan my wedding with a trusted team of professionals to guide me through the process
from start to finish.
• I do not buy a service but I want to live an exceptional experience with an amazing team 
• I want beautiful and timeless wedding pictures

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, PIEvents and Co is a great fit for you!

Sounds like you? That means we are both in the right place !

the Pievents and co bride/GROOM

Yes, I would love to be your bride or groom !

Sarah, 2019 Bride

"Hiring PIEvents and Co was the best decision of my wedding planning journey. Amazing wedding planners who can handle it all. I can't recommend them enough! "

"A must for your wedding ."

Sarah, 2018 Bride

"If you do not know where to get married. Aur' and Team will certainly figure out for you. Really professional, I have nothing but great things to say about their services. Simply the Best. In NYC. "

"Best Destination wedding planner in nyc" 

Penelope, 2020

" The team was consistently helpful, warm and patient and creative through our entire wedding planning process"

"the wow effect "

MARIE, 2019 Bride

"PIEvents and Co made our wedding day truly seamless. They will dedicate themselves guiding us to the perfect vendors and took care of all the logistics and handle our day with love, care precision and joy."


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