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Planning a Wedding Proposal, Bridal Shower Or Pre-Wedding shoots are essential services provided by wedding planners and photographers, respectively. These services play a significant role in creating unforgettable moments and capturing the love and excitement of a couple's journey towards marriage.

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Caribbean Wedding Proposal Televised on National TV


 Welcome to PIEvents & Co, where we specialize in curating extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression on your most special occasions. We understand that life's most cherished moments deserve to be celebrated in a way that reflects your unique story and personality. As a premier event planning and photography company, we are delighted to propose a range of bespoke services designed to elevate your wedding journey to new heights.

In the world of event planning, every story is unique, a fusion of dreams and reality brought together by creativity and passion. This particular tale begins with an unexpected email from a TV producer at TF1, sparking a journey that would lead to a spectacular beachside wedding proposal in the captivating landscapes of Guadeloupe. Here's how a mother's inquiry, a son's desire, and a passion for love stories intertwined to create an unforgettable moment.

It all began with an email, a seemingly simple message that would set in motion a series of events that would change the trajectory of my career. The email came from a TV producer at TF1, France's premier television channel, seeking participants for a unique project—couples willing to have their wedding proposals showcased on national television. There was a catch, though: the proposal had to be nothing short of spectacular, taking place in a different country, far from the couple's French roots.

The journey began when I stumbled upon a Facebook post by a concerned mother searching for information about planning a wedding proposal in Guadeloupe. Recognizing the opportunity, I reached out, offering my expertise to turn this dream into reality.

Fueled by excitement, I reached out to the mother, offering my expertise in crafting unforgettable moments. I shared my vision of a dreamy proposal against the stunning backdrop of Guadeloupe's sun-kissed beaches and azure waters. The spark was ignited, and the couple's trust in me began to blossom.

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A swift response and a heart-to-heart conversation later, Vincent's enthusiasm for an extraordinary proposal on the beach with a sunset backdrop became evident. His heart was set on proposing to Justine amidst the beauty of Guadeloupe's coastline—a moment that would forever be etched in their love story.


With every detail meticulously planned, the journey to create this magical moment began. From the initial brainstorming sessions to scouting the perfect beachside location, every decision was guided by a deep understanding of the couple's desires. The future groom envisioned a vintage-themed proposal, complete with intricate table settings that reflected their unique personalities and shared journey. It was these personal touches that would make their moment shine brighter than the sun.


 Taking inspiration from Vincent and Justine's shared love for vintage and royal aesthetics, the setting was designed to be nothing short of enchanting. Delicate 19th-century cutlery, serigraphed glasses, and tropical centerpieces were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. However, Vincent had a specific vision—he envisioned a heart-shaped arrangement of candles in the sand under the open sky, without a canopy or tent, despite the possibility of rain. His desire for a pure, unfiltered connection with nature would ultimately become a symbolic representation of their love. 

 Day 1:

The journey took me from New York to Guadeloupe, where each day brought new possibilities and challenges to overcome. The initial meeting with the TF1 team and local vendors at the prestigious La Toubanna hotel marked the commencement of a collaboration that would breathe life into Vincent's dream proposal. Discussions flowed, plans were finalized, and the vision began to crystallize.

Day 2:

We orchestrated a surprise for Justine, bringing her to a spa in order to meet with Vincent.
This rendezvous was a pivotal part of the proposal's orchestration. With a heart full of excitement and anticipation, I awaited Justine's unsuspecting arrival, savoring the element of surprise that would add an extra layer of magic to their love story.

Day 3:

The day of destiny arrived, and as Vincent and Justine embarked on a snorkeling adventure—another shared passion—it was a race against time for me to transform the beach into a haven of romance.

However, nature had its own plans. The day of the proposal dawned with unexpected rain—three times, to be exact. Each time the rain fell, my resolve was tested, but with unwavering determination, the team and I adapted. The rain became a testament to the couple's unwavering love—no obstacle could dampen their spirits.
The weather, unpredictable as ever, threw its own curveballs, testing our determination. Rain came and went, but nothing could dampen the spirit of the day.

As the sun descended towards the horizon, casting its golden hues across the sea, Vincent's heartfelt words rang out, professing his love and asking Justine to share forever with him. With the heart-shaped candles illuminating their path, they embraced against the backdrop of a dreamy sunset that seemed to merge with the ocean—a testament to the power of their love.

This journey was more than just planning an event; it was a testament to the ability of love to transcend borders and bring dreams to life.

I couldn't help but feel privileged to have played a part in this beautiful chapter of their lives. This was more than just an event; it was a love story etched in the sands of time, a proposal that bridged distance, cultures, and captured the heart of Guadeloupe's beauty. A true testament to the magic of love and the power of making dreams come true. 

The journey to success is paved with countless stories of hard work, dedication, and unforgettable moments. One such moment that will forever hold a special place in my heart was the opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary wedding proposal that transcended borders and captured the essence of love in a breathtaking location. This is the story of how my passion for event planning led me to create an unforgettable experience for a couple, all while being featured on the illustrious TF1.

From an email that caught my eye to the rain that challenged our resolve, every moment was a thread woven into the tapestry of their love story.

We specialize in creative, tailored weddings that are a reflection of each couple's unique style, Sensitivity, and Connection.  


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Why Choosing PIEvents & Co?

Personalized Approach: We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to every event, tailoring our services to suit your vision and preferences. Your love story is unique, and we believe your celebration should be too.

Professional Expertise: With years of experience in event planning and photography, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and creative flair to make your moments truly unforgettable.

Attention to Detail: From the grandest gestures to the smallest nuances, we are committed to ensuring every element of your event is meticulously planned and executed to perfection.

Peace of Mind: Relax and enjoy the journey towards your big day, knowing that our dedicated team is handling all the arrangements with utmost care and precision.

Beautiful Memories: Our passion lies in crafting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. With our artistic touch and state-of-the-art equipment, you can trust us to deliver stunning visual content that captures the essence of your love story.

At PIEvents & Co, we believe that life's most significant moments should be celebrated in a way that leaves you breathless with joy. Let us be a part of your extraordinary journey, creating cherished memories that will be etched in your hearts forever.

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Precision planning and solid attention to detail

From finding the perfect venues to planning a remarkable event, we bring a fashion-forward sensibility that delivers a fun, authentic, and lovely vibe.

Our brides and grooms have ground-breaking ideas to share their personal story. They understand the importance of elegance and natural beauty. Their Epicurean lifestyle defines a magical sophistication and their goal is to meet a pro vendor who can offer unbiased advice, take care of all the minute details, capture decor to the core, and turn their ideas into a reality. They understand the value of a trustworthy wedding planner and how they can help them save time, hassles, and efforts. Our brides and groom love modern wedding ideas or vintage style for a chic affair. Every wedding is different. we are here to customize something fit your needs!

Is PIEvents and Co right for me ?

• I've seen the PIEvents and Co Events portfolio and want that level of detailed planning for my wedding.
• I'm not interested in managing my wedding, that will ask too many skills that I do not have.
• I am a busy, hardworking professional and I want a beautiful wedding, but I don't have the time to
shop, plan or manage a project. 
• I love wedding designs well executed but I am not a DIY person, I just want it done and I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the event professionals.
• I would like to plan my wedding with a trusted team of professionals to guide me through the process
from start to finish.
• I do not buy a service but I want to live an exceptional experience with an amazing team 

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, PIEvents and Co is a great fit for you!

Sounds like you? That means we are both in the right place !

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"Hiring PIEvents and Co was the best decision of my wedding planning journey. Amazing wedding planners who can handle it all. I can't recommend them enough! "

"A must for your wedding ."

Sarah, 2018 Bride

"If you do not know where to get married. Aur' and Team will certainly figure out for you. Really professional, I have nothing but great things to say about their services. Simply the Best. In NYC. "

"Best Destination wedding planner in nyc" 

Penelope, 2020

" The team was consistently helpful, warm and patient and creative through our entire wedding planning process"

"the wow effect "

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"PIEvents and Co made our wedding day truly seamless. They will dedicate themselves guiding us to the perfect vendors and took care of all the logistics and handle our day with love, care precision and joy."


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