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 Before You Indianize a Moroccan Wedding, Learn the Difference!

The overlapping of Moroccan and Indian wedding elements has been pretty conspicuous. Wedding planners, more often than not, blatantly mix both the themes and deliver a wedding landscape that’s looks fragmented. The reason is clear and unequivocal—stark similarities between both Moroccan and Indian cultures. Moroccan weddings conflate with Indian ones across different economic and social touchpoints, which is why wedding planners think of them as identical and turn a wedding into a confused case of Moroccan-themed-Indian celebration, open to all kinds of judgment.

• What is a Moroccan Theme?
A Moroccan-themed wedding has a fun and quirky touch with oriental Middle Eastern undertones. Prominent textiles, eye-catching tag lines, and brightly colored pillows, dreaming up a Moroccan-themed party is a matter of filling your space with curated adornments that have an exotic feel.

• What is an Indian Theme?
An Indian-themed wedding has age old customs and traditions at the root of it. Be it women in brightly colored silk sarees with glittering jewels, men in dark suits, or wedding location lit up with all radiance, everything about an Indian wedding is extravagant in every definition of it. Henna Parties and Dance nights preceding the main ceremony are too big a highlight to give a miss.
Moroccan Weddings versus Indian Weddings
Moroccan-themed weddings are a rage these days. You don’t have to be marrying a Moroccan or be one to have this theme wedding. You don’t even have to travel all the way to Morocco to relish one. You can feel the authenticity of a Moroccan wedding by acquiring a host of signature items, which include the signature brass lanterns, bold colors, and printed fabrics. On the contrary, Indian weddings have a unique appeal that screams richness and vibrancy. It’s a giant celebration, complete with bright and outspoken colors and a long set of meaningful rituals.
Moroccan weddings are an elaborate affair that can last from three to seven days. However, Indian weddings essentially last for four days.
As told to you earlier, both the themes are strangely identical in their approach and execution, offering boundless fun and joy to everyone. But, there are a few pressing aspects where both stand apart from each other. The next section details the elemental difference that might help you decode the disparity. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Wedding Colors
Usually the rich, vibrant colors such as burgundy, purple, teal, dark pink and orange are preferred when it comes to a Moroccan-themed wedding. However if you have a thing for cool and subtle palettes, shades of blue and yellow, along with silver, will do the trick. On the other hand, Indian weddings are all about the color red and the myriad shades of it.

2. Decorations
Using Moroccan colors and patterns to the table linen and cover-ups might be your first step towards planning Moroccan-themed decorations. However alternatively, you can work your way up to the jewel-toned pillows, poufs that are placed at a height and look quite bright and striking. Speaking about Indian weddings, a lot of investment goes into lavish lightning and decorating every corner with beautiful flowers.

3. Wedding Favors
In a ritual exchange of courtesies, you can send Moroccan-themed return gifts to friends and family. You can pick anything, ranging from perfumes, teas, scented candles, soaps, and much more. This might sound a cliché, but handing over gifts that different from the usual league leaves an indelible mark on your guests and boosts relationships. While gifts are a sight at Indian weddings, handing over the mandatory envelope with a sum of money, referred to as shagun, is considered auspicious.

4. Invitations
Besides decorations, you can also opt for vivid invitation cards that speak volumes about your holy matrimony. Intense geometric patterns combined with bright colors could be a great try. This could serve as a trailer to your ceremony soon to be released. At Indian weddings, however, intricately designed invitation cards or scrolls are distributed that look ostentatiously royal, draw attention and make guests thrilled with excitement for what lies ahead.

5. Entertainment
Don’t compromise on entertainment as it’s the glue that engages them all. There are a lot of options, but choosing one depends on what comes under your budget. You can hire a belly dancer or a henna artist to keep your guests entertained. For an Indian wedding, you can also call upon a folk band or some kind of musician/singer to keep your guests in full spirits throughout the course of your wedding. However, the only piece of advice is that you should refrain from going overboard, neither with your money nor with the means of entertainment.

6. Wedding Dress
It’s obvious to understand if you choose to wear a wedding dress that mirrors Indian culture; a shimmering red lehnga with complementary jewelry and a gold-toned sherwani. However, if you make a daring choice to go with a Moroccan-themed wedding, a Kaftan can make you look like a million dollars. It’s sort of a robe dress that’s worm under a jacket. It’s usually open from the bottom and sequined and embroidered at the ends.
So, here’s our two cents on Moroccan and Indian weddings. For more such articles, keep scrolling this space. Also, if you have any interesting recommendations that we can cover on our blog, drop them in the comment section below.


INdian wedding VS. Moroccan WEDDING

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