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How to Choose your wedding cake designer 

wedding planning 

If you are a fan of creative confectionery and sweet affairs, choosing the right cake designer for your big day is going to be one of the best parts. Whether it’s a bespoke or pre-made cake, only a professional cake designer can get the job done. Cakes available in the local bakery may not tell the story that you want to present on your big day. Only an experienced and talented cake designer can create a unique and original concept cake.

Tastier Aspect of Wedding Planning
Having cake on the wedding menu is the new normal and luxury weddings are incomplete without bespoke and themed cake. After making the major decision about the wedding arrangements, you need to focus on hiring the best cake designer for your event. Here a few things that you need to consider about wedding cake choices.

Think about Cake Design
Did you find a creative cake design on the internet but cannot find it on the local bakery? Well, it is a good thing as it shows the uniqueness of your choice. Now, you need to have the right cake designer on board who can turn your fantasy cake design into a reality.

Prioritize Recommendations

Once you've checked some cakes and designs that you like online, verify the reviews of cake designer. Reviews from past purchasers are good, thanks to seeing what alternative couples have fully-fledged and so what you'll be able to expect. Indeed, the purpose to get a wedding cake that showcases a creative masterpiece as well as enjoy it. In other word, the wedding cake must be tasty.
You may have to ask your friends and family who they’ve used, what they’ve seen or found and what they might modification concerning the expertise. This last question may be an excellent way to search out wherever there could be a for improvement or a way to avoid a difficulty.

Baker VS Cake Designer
As a client, you may meet two kind of "cake designers". A real cake designer and a cake baker or maker. A cake designer is a baker that design and decorate your special cake. It is a cake artist that will use different techniques to create original recipes and astonished décor on a cake.
You can find an article written by Marlarkey about this subject.

Pay attention to their Process
Most will ask you to send your inspirations, theme, vision, moodboard. However, each cake designer has his/her own process when it comes to designing your cake. Some cake designers will make your cake but will refuse to give you a draft, that is just how they work. Others cake designers will present with you a sketch and may even offer you a cake tasting. Depending on what you are looking for, you will choose one or the other. If you love details as we do and you do not like surprises, we advise you to choose the cake designer that will provide the full client experience: questionnaire, design, tasting. Hire only the one that will match your personality and answer your specific needs.

Choosing Flavor
The wedding day is all about you and the cake needs to display the love that you share with your guests. The flavor and texture of the cake need to evoke beautiful memories and create new ones.

Dressing on the Cake
Apart from the taste of the bespoke wedding cake, ask the designer to focus on the presentation too. You can ask your wedding cake designer to match the final dressing of the cake with the floral arrangements. Things need to be precisely aligned and balanced.

Cake Icing Options
Deciding the right icing for the cake is the job of your cake designer yet you need to share personal choices too. Choice of icing has a significant impact on the final look and taste of the cake. Here are three major icing options available for wedding cakes:

1. Butter cream icing
2. Fondant icing
3. Royal icing

Things to Consider about Wedding Cake
Having a wedding cake is an important tradition and part of the wedding day. But when it comes to deciding what kind of cake you want, the options can be overwhelming.

  • The Classic Wedding Cake
The most common type of wedding cake, the classic cake is made of layers of various flavors of sponge cake with buttercream frosting in between each layer. The top layer usually represents the bride and groom’s favorite flavor or food.

  • The Tiered Wedding Cake
This type is perfect for weddings where you want to show off all your hard work! These cakes are often composed of at least three tiers with a less formal, more natural look and feel.

  • The Wedding Naked Cake 
The perfect choice for a rustic wedding décor. This type of cake allows to see the layers of the cake. Chocolate, vanilla …will depend on your taste .

  • Buttercream Cake
Buttercream frosting prevents the bottom layer from moving upwards when you cut the cakes, so it allows you to have a tiered design.

For more inspiration, please read this article written by Brides Magazine and visit our Instagram account where we selected the most beautiful and unique cake design from all around the world.

How to Choose your Cake Designer?
Once you are done with the basic options related to cake design and styling, the next step is to hire a person who can do it all. When you have lots of things to plan, a wedding planner can be really helpful to reduce the mental stress of management. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right cake designer:

• Can the designer create the bespoke style as per your requirements?
• Discuss your budget with the cake designer
• Can the cake designer manage to deliver to your location?
• Is the designer experienced enough to create bespoke cake concepts for the wedding?
• Is the cake designer responsive to your queries and is he professional in dealings?

These few tips can make the wedding cake designer selection process smoother. When there is a lot on the plate, find the right professionals who can make the event even better. The cake is not just a food item but a work of pure art.

  • Factors that have an effect on your decisions on choosing the designer:

As mentioned, on top of it varies significantly from baker to baker; however, you would like to make sure they're on the market for your date and raise once that would modification and the way much notice they have. We tend to be happy to satisfy you at your convenience, debate all the small print, and answer any queries you'll have.

We firmly believe you ought to have the chance to style the cake and icing before you commit. However, since this may seemingly be the foremost you ever pay on one cake, you wish to make sure it'll style sensible.

Decor and style of cake:
Besides flavor, this is often the primary vital side of your cake. However, will it look or suit your wedding vogue, is it what you dream of, and may this designer deliver the goods that you wish are all details to contemplate.

This is another space that may vary widely. Every decorator sets their costs in keeping with their schedules—some charge by the slice, by the number of guests, cake, or time. You can expect to  pay  a minimum of $35 per guest for a luxury wedding cake.

Delivery fee : 
Does your decorator deliver them and how much it will cost you ? and What charges are they charging for delivery?

Comfort level:

Are you comfy along with your decorator? Is that this somebody you'll be able to work with? Is your decorator providing you with choices and alternatives and dealing with you to attain what you wish or providing you with a book and asking you to choose one? Are they creating suggestions on the way to keep your cake inside your budget? Do they need a portfolio of cakes they need really done, or are they merely showing you magazine photos? However long have they been making wedding cakes?

Type of cake cover:
There are many various styles of cover on the market, the two most typical: fondant or buttercream.  Most of  cake designers know how to use those different technics to cover a wedding cake. However, they need to consider  the location of your wedding reception and the temperature where the cake will be displayed.

Vegan cake  :
A growing number of customers go vegan and the cake designers have to follow their steps in terms of client experience. The cakes are made without eggs, dairy butter or diary milk that are replaced by plant-based substitutes.  In other world, they are animal products free.

Real flowers and sugar flowers :
Not all Cake designers know how to create beautiful and realistic sugar flowers and many prefer using real flowers to gain time on the wedding cake design. Indeed, create thousand of sugar flowers will take time for them  be created by the cake designer but the overall cost of the wedding cake will not be the same as if the cake designer uses real flowers.

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